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Clarity of Expression

On FONTPLAN you will find fonts that are created and selected first and foremost for their clarity for expression and for their visual impact in texts set at a certain size, such as in titlings, headings, logo texts, slogans and intros etc.

FONTPLAN caters to professional (B2B) users; graphic designers, editors and publisher looking for fonts that have style and impact.

Custom made fonts

A custom made font can make a big difference to your business, brand or product.

Custom made fonts may be created starting with a limited set of characters for your brand name or logo only, typically 5-10 characters, or for a full set covering most Western European languages and keyboards (ca 180 characters). Contact us for pricing details.

Become a Partner

I you wish to become a partner and sell your fonts on FONTPLAN, feel free to contact us for more information. See Become a Partner for more info.

About PIKTAPLAN – The Photo Site

PIKTAPLAN is a curated stock photo site aiming to be a source of images for the professional user looking for images that have a clear, compelling and central subject. 

Cheers from FONTPLAN!