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Font Licensing

The FONTPLAN font licensing policies make up a vital part of the Terms of Sale. For practical purposes and since the agreement is exclusively about font licensing, it is available in full here: Desktop Font License Agreement

Business to Business

On the FONTPLAN website you have the possibility to purchase products such as fonts and images.

Purchases of products on FONTPLAN are permitted to businesses with a registered company number (VAT number), and persons 18 years or older, acting on behalf of a registered company. You are required to submit this information on the Checkout page.

Except for businesses in France, the VAT will be removed on the Checkout page (provided you have entered a valid VAT number).

Please contact us if you do not yet have a registered company or VAT number.


Any issue related to a purchased font or fonts must be reported within 30 days.

You may be required to provide us with detailed information regarding your license (e.g. order number etc).

Depending on the case, you may be offered a replacement or an updated version of a font or fonts, within a reasonable timeframe, or by the time of the next planned revision or update, if any.

A refund will only be considered if a font or file does not perform in accordance with its specifications, and only in case a replacement (file) or updated version does not resolve the issue. A refund shall under any circumstance be limited to the license fee that you paid at the date and time of purchase of the font(s) in question.

Please refer to the Font License Agreement for more details.

Limitation of Liability

A font file must be properly placed (installed) in the correct font folder on your computer in order to work correctly. In no event will you be refunded, nor will we be liable for any loss or damage arising from, or in connection with the usage of fonts or image files purchased and downloaded from this website.


We offer secure payment methods provided by trusted international partners. Any issue directly related to the payment process or your choice of payment e.g. your card, card company, bank, or any and all charges related to their services to you, must be addressed directly to them.

Under no circumstances whatsoever will we be held responsible, nor will you be refunded by FONTPLAN or its owner, for issues related to your choice of payment or payment method, as outlined here above.


The above Terms of Sale, the Font License Agreement (EULA) and the website Terms of Use are subject to French law.


This page may be updated or changed without prior notice.